Monday 29 June 2020

Time Management skill is the most important skill that a Manager Must have

Do you think Time Management skill is the most important skill that a Manager Must have? 
-By Manisha Routray

A lot of people complain that they cannot reach their dreams, travel to exotic locations, land their dream jobs, finish their projects before the deadline, get enough sleep every night, and spend enough time with loved ones because they don’t have enough time.
It’s not limited time that’s the problem, it’s bad time management.
Time management isn’t merely an art – it’s an entire artistic discipline. Being a manager is tough – no argument there! Sometimes, during a normal day, little fires spark up that inevitably change the entire trajectory of our team’s work.
All managers should have proper Time Management skill to help to achieve the goal faster,its helps the manager to work more in less time,It helps manager to waste less time, and avoid more friction and problems.
It helps manager to feel calmer and less stressed over time,It helps manager to make a change in their lifestyle for the better.
so, effective Time Management skill is important for managers so that they can have positive impact on their work and life in general.
When we learn to take control of our time on a daily basis, we improve our ability to get things done,make better decisions and most importantly,gain ultimate control of our key priorities.

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