Friday, 13 May 2022

Mother is changing

 मां बदल रही है...

Mother is changing...

Mother is no longer visible in dirty sari...

Working in trendy jeans all day long...

But taking time for myself too...

Mother is changing...

Eyes are no longer red due to the smoke of the stove.

Now a new recipe is made in smart kitchen...

When I don't feel like getting parcel from Swiggy...

True mother is changing...

Doesn't spread hands on everything in front of Papa...

Neither does the mother-in-law nor the husband kill...

Carrying all the load shoulder to shoulder...

True mother is changing...

Doesn't recite the raga of the old days...

Mother-in-law, Nand, do not take tantrums of youth...

The woman does not say this is your story...

 Teaching parathas to son and karate to daughter...

True mother is changing now...

Mother now laughs, dances, lives voluntarily...

Changes over time...

Whatever you want...


The steps stop as soon as the child's cry is heard...

Then it seems...

Is mother really changing...??


Maa Puri is changing...

But his love, his love did not change...


In today's era...

Only this changed mother is needed...

Which changes with time, with society, with children, with generation...

Because change is a sign of progress...

To all the lovely and dear moms...!!!

मां अब दिखती नहीं मैली साडी मे...

काम करती दिनभर नजर आती है ट्रेंडी जींस मे...

पर अपने लिये भी समय निकाल रही है...

मां बदल रही है...

चुल्हे के धुंअे से अब आंखें नही होती लाल...

स्मार्ट किचन मे अब नयी रेसीपी बनती बेमिसाल...

जब मन नही होता स्वीगी से पार्सल मंगवा रही है...

सच मां बदल रही है...

पापा के सामने हरबात पर हाथ नहीं फैलाती है...

ना ही सास और पति की मार खाती है...

कंधे से कंधा मिलाकर सारा भार उठा रही है...

सच मां बदल रही है...

पुराने दिनों का राग नही  सुनाती...

सास,ननंद,जवाई का नखरा नही लेती...

नही कहती औरत तेरी यही कहानी...

 बेटे को पराठे और बेटी को कराटे सिखा रही है...

सच मां अब बदल रही है...

मां अब हंसती है,नाचती है,मनमर्जी से जीती है...

समय के साथ बदलती है...

जैसा चाहे रहती है...


बच्चे का रोना सुनते ही थम जाते हैं कदम...

तब लगता है...

क्या सचमुच मां बदल रही है...??

उत्तर ~

मां पुरी बदल रही है...

पर उसकी ममता,उसका प्यार नहीं बदला...


आज के इस युग में...

इस बदली हुयी मां की ही जरूरत है...

जो समय के साथ,समाज के साथ,बच्चों के साथ, जनरेशन के साथ बदले...

क्योंकी बदलाव प्रगती की निशानी है...

सभी प्यारी और प्रिय माताओं के लिए...!!!


How Gig Economy Helps Small Businesses to Grow By Shanul Tiwari

 How Gig Economy Helps Small Businesses to Grow?

By Shanul Tiwari    

Social distancing and huge economic losses have shuttered many small and micro-businesses. Over 82% of small businesses have faced unpleasant impacts, and 70% contemplated that a year will be required to recover demand levels before coronavirus, claimed Dun and Bradstreet. 

Due to the pandemic, the “Gig economy” escalated and played a paramount role, moreover providing the best solution to small businesses, as here specialized experts are readily available. If you haven’t heard of the gig economy, it’s actually a set of freelance workers, who moved from traditional 9-5 working to project-based or specific task jobs, that are commonly for a short period. These workers have a diverse combination of professional skills, backgrounds, and experiences, which is much needed to levitate any business.   

One of the best examples of the gig economy is Fiverr, which provides professionals a platform to advertise their gigs and let visitors buy any specific service for the cost of just one project, for instance, designing a website.  

Let's see how the gig economy helps small businesses to grow from the following points: -

 1. Range Of Talent/Resources 

The gig economy comprises a broad range of job categories. Some common platforms like Upwork and Fiverr cover a wide range of work where you can get the right talent and resources for your company at an affordable range. 

2. Rapid Growth 

The Gig economy helps small businesses to grow extensively. It allows the small businesses to get all essential requirements for their company regularly or occasionally. It provides flexibility and more productivity for small businesses.

As technology is changing day by day, in addition, company also need to adjust according to the change, so the gig economy is the ultimate solution. 

3. Maintaining Budget


The Gig economy helps you to maintain your budget anytime per your convenience. It originally provide freelance workers who can work when you need them. It means you don’t have to worry to hire full-time workers and paying them salaries regardless of your company's conditions. By this, you can utilise your capital effectively even in a bad situation.


4. Gig Economy allows for more personalized customer service


As a small business owner, having customers is very crucial, either in large size or small. However, the more hectic task is to maintain the potential of customers. With the help of the gig economy, you can provide more personalised customer service to your customer and ultimately this helps your company to maintain the number of customers. Gig economic understand your customer's need, and can provide you with the right work and solution.



5. Gig Economy allows for small businesses to expand globally.


The gig economy opens the door to labour from all around the world. It helps businesses to expand globally. It also connects talented workers, technology, and innovation with small businesses in one place. It can be a game-changer for all small businesses.

Shanul Tiwari  

Jaipur, Rajasthan  



Saturday, 7 May 2022

Importance of Logo

 Importance of Logo

A company logo appears as a graphic representation or symbol on all of the company's letterhead, communications, marketing, and advertising materials. Before reading the text, the logo is usually the first thing that a reader notices.

To put it simply, logos are images, texts, shapes, or a combination of the three that depict the name and purpose of a company.

A logo, on the other hand, may and should be more than just a symbol of identity.

It also tells a company's story if it's well-designed, by communicating your brand message in a way that helps to develop an emotional connection with your target audience.

What does a logo do?

A logo is significant for several reasons, the most important of which is that it:

  • Makes a strong first impression, encouraging customers to engage with your brand.

  • Assists you in developing a brand identity

  • Give your company a sign to help people remember who you are.

  • Sets you apart from the competition

  • Encourages brand loyalty

What are the Components of a Logo?

  • Color 

  • Typography

  • Image 

  • Tagline 

What Characterizes a Logo?

  • It should be appropriate for the target audience.

The best logos aren't the flashiest, but those that connect with their intended audience. Not only do logos represent your organization, but they also represent the people with whom you communicate. You wouldn't use bright and cheerful colors (read: brilliant yellow) for a funeral home, just as you wouldn't use gloomy grays for a children's party planner.

  • It should be simple to understand.

This is especially true for wordmark logos (text-only logos), but it applies to all design styles. If your target audience has to figure out what your logo signifies, they'll leave before you can say "conversions." Make sure your brand is easily recognisable at a glance.

  • It should be distinct.

While taking inspiration from industry trends is always a smart place to start, keep in mind that the purpose of a logo is to set your company apart from the competitors.

Customers will remember why your brand is the one in the business to which they should be loyal if it is distinct.

  • It needs to be scalable.

This has already been noted, but it bears repeating. Because your logo will be prominently displayed across several media channels and in various sizes, the best logos are those that can simply be scaled to match any branding demand you may find.

Importance of a good quality logo

A well-designed logo establishes trust by demonstrating your professionalism and encourages consumers to stay. It informs potential clients about who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. It shows those who have no prior knowledge or experience with your company that you perform excellent work.

Without saying anything, the right logo communicates everything. Honor, trust, pride, excellence, and integrity are all feelings associated with it. It communicates a set of virtues and ideals without the use of pages of prose or a team of copywriters. It creates a sense of bond between a brand and its customers. It creates a connection between a corporation and its supporters, critics, allies, and advocates.

A brand logo is exclamatory. It serves as a symbol of achievement and dedication to the customer. It is the fruit of a cooperation between a business owner and a graphic designer, whose participation is an act of communication and whose final design is the outcome of conversations regarding the logo's function.

A logo is more than simply how it looks; it also grabs the attention of current and potential customers. My logo is straightforward and easy to understand: It's an all-black trio of wine bottles, their shadows rising above my company's name. My logo is simple, which is exactly the point. Because the creativity is in what I give — premium investment wines — I allow no room for abstraction. The logo is as clear as it is concise.

Attaching below the MYNTRA logo controversy:

Myntra Logo Controversy: Brands must develop a spine; should stand up to bullying, feel experts

The e-retail platform has been forced to change its logo over a complaint filed by an activist who alleged the brand's signage was offensive towards women. The industry feels it is about time brands stop succumbing to bullying and take a stand

The last few years have been full of brands talking about purpose and standing up for their beliefs. However, the same woke brands have also been the first ones to bow down to the bullying of fanatics, especially on the digital medium.

Fashion e-tailer Myntra has decided to change its logo following a complaint by a Mumbai-based activist, who alleged that the brand's signage was offensive towards women.

Having forced to revamp its logo, the brand has confirmed changing the logo across its website, app and packaging material.

The complaint was lodged last month with the police’s cyber cell in Mumbai by Avesta Foundation's Naaz Patel, who had demanded that the e-com giant remove the logo, and urged the police to take appropriate action against the company.

The activist complained about the matter across various forums and platforms on social media. The logo supposedly depicts a 'naked woman', and the activist took umbrage to the 'offensive' logo.

Ramesh Narayan

"Myntra is not a new brand and the logo is not new. While every brand should be conscious of how the stakeholders perceive various aspects of the brand profile, including the logo, one should take care not to have knee-jerk reactions, said Ramesh Narayan, Founder of Canco Advertising.

“I am sure Myntra studied these aspects before making a change in the logo. I also hope that activists like the one here use their time and knowledge to address burning issues related to women in our country. A giggle exchanged between two men seems to be a rather novel way to begin a search into the deep meaning of a logo that obviously had not even occurred to the lady before that. Brands too should take care that they do not become low-hanging fruit to either interest groups or people looking for a moment in the sun. Otherwise they could end up like producers of movies who are easy targets,” he said.

According to him, the logo never conveyed anything negative earlier and, therefore, doesn't convey anything positive now.

Referring to Airbnb’s logo that apparently reminds of certain sections of male genitalia, he said that the brand ignored it and it remained a storm in a tea cup.

“Frankly, that is what Myntra could have done as well,” he said.

Reacting to the row, Nikhil Narayanan, Creative Director at Ogilvy, said on his LinkedIn account, “If brands begin catering to the whims of every individual, running a business might become next to impossible. Even worse, the devious ones might employ the very same tool to attack rivals who are doing better.”


KV Sridhar

KV Sridhar aka Pops, Global Chief Creative Officer at Nihilent Hypercollective, took to LinkedIn, sharing, “The Myntra logo is like an ink blot, it tests your imagination and state of mind. I have never seen people (petitioner) with such rotten imagination.”


There is a famous quote by Anais Nin: “We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are.”

Samit Sinha

This clearly appears to be the case with the brouhaha around the Myntra logo, said Samit Sinha, Founder, Managing Partner, ‎Alchemist Brand Consulting.

“The problem with many logos/symbols is that they are abstract enough to be open to highly subjective interpretations and sometimes people, especially those with overactive imaginations and contaminated perspectives, see offensive things in even the most innocuous objects. But such is the power of suggestion that once a particular interpretation is pointed out, many people begin to see it, and once seen, it is impossible to ‘unsee’ it. Even when the intent is innocent, as I’m sure it was of the person who designed the Myntra logo, once a controversy is stoked, even the purest object can get tainted in people’s eyes,” he said.

The logo is not the most significant identification of the brand, the brand name is; and the logo comes next. While Myntra would have spent years and substantial marketing investments in establishing the logo, Sinha doesn’t believe changing the logo will affect the brand or its relationship with its consumers in any tangible way.

Perhaps, according to him, Myntra did the prudent thing by sacrificing its logo to let the matter rest.

“It may not have served their best interests to continue to fuel the hullabaloo. Besides, I don’t think its backing down will be read as an admission of guilt in the court of public opinion,” he added.

However, it might be worth it for Myntra to undertake some PR or other communication activities to explain its position to its consumers, he suggested.

Jagdeep Kapoor

Jagdeep Kapoor, Founder, Chairman and MD at Samsika Marketing Consultants, echoing the same view, said, “Logo, logon ke liye hota hai (Logo is for the people). A logo is for connecting with consumers. In a case, where a logo is accepted, used and familiar with the consumers for many years, it becomes a part of their life, while consuming the brand. Of course, one has to be sensitive to consumers’ opinions and avoid a controversy.”

The decision of changing the logo, for him, is a delicate balance between continuity and public sentiment.

It’s telling that many communication professionals, including many women, are saying that they never saw the logo in the light that the petitioner did.

Nisha Sampath

But that does not make her (petitioner) perception an invalid one either, said Nisha Sampath, Managing Partner, Bright Angles Consulting.

“I respect if the Myntra team felt that the petitioner had a point, and decided to make a change without generating further controversy. It’s a practical, business-like approach,” she said.

In a cultural climate where women are increasingly calling out ‘hidden’ or invisible bias and demanding more sensitivity from those in power, Myntra probably did not want the issue to escalate.

She said that brands, at the end of the day, seek to reflect the mindset and aspirations of their target audience. In the new age of social media, this means that they need to have greater receptivity to consumer response, and flexibility to change and adapt.

Jahnavi Singh [PGDM]

Marketing Manager

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

Friday, 6 May 2022

Leopard And Cow Real Story

The owner of the Cow decided to install a camera after hearing the barking of Dogs every day. So he got to see this amazing scene.

Every day a Leopard comes and the Cow loves him, licks him. 

When he found out from the old owner of the cow, he said that this leopard was only twenty days old when the mother of the leopard died.

Since then the cow has fed him her milk and the leopard thinks that the cow is his mother, so the leopard comes to visit the cow every day in love with his mother.

#whatinspiresme #kindness

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Work From Home Jobs


Work From Home Jobs

Work From Home Job

AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd brings business Opportunities. 

Earn more with zero investment!

Do you have an android device with good internet connection? Then this opportunity is for you! Make your career while just sitting at Home.

Who can Apply ?

* BE/ B Tech / BBA / BCA /  MBA  / PGDM / MCA / Post Graduate in Mktg / HR / Mass Comm Passed Out

* Age 18 to 35 Years 

* Location : Online [WFH] / Freelance ( Whatsapp / AA Campus Ambassador Meet / Skype / WebinarsOn Zoom)

* Teachers/Smart Moms who are looking for opportunities and ready to work remotely 


- Beginners with basic social media knowledge, and english language skills.

- Should have account at Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WhatsApp 

- Should have android mobile with daily mobile data from 500 mb to 1 GB

- A team player and a good leader with the good knowledge of networking 

- communication skills

Perks - Weekly income directly credited in your bank account 


#AA VCard

and much more


+91 9977513452 

To apply for this Position Contact

Send us Your following Info on WhatsApp  +91 9977513452 

Dept :    Work From Home Job

1. Full Name-----------------

2. Date of Birth----------------

3. City -------------------

4. Gender --------------  [Female candidates only]

5. Age --------------

6. Univ / Ins  --------------------

7. Education :

8. WhatsApp :

9. Linkedin :

[Must have Min 100+ Connections] 

10 Email :

11 Social Media Links : [Must ] 







Friday, 24 September 2021

10 Steps to Happiness

10 Steps to Happiness 

1. Hate less, love more 

2. Worry less, dance more 

3. Take less, give more 

4. Consume less, create more 

5. Frown less, Smile more 

6. Talk less, listen more 

7. Fear less, Try more 

8. Judge less, Accept more 

9. Watch less, do more 

10. Complain less, appreciate more

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Smart Employees happy to Work from Home

Why are Smart Employees happy to Work from Home?

Are IT employees happy to work from home?

Most of the Digital Marketing & ORM Managers , When the pandemic arrive , offices shut down and started working from home. They moved to  hometown, and it's a big YES for all to have the opportunity of working from home (and when your husband also having WFH).  They have been working for more than a year and now working from the Home, they  feel more productive while working from office. So they tried for the opportunities with the WFH facility and I grab one We would like to highlight some advantages  to working remotely.


Saving money  is possible you can save a big amount from your salary because no rent, no travel cost, and no other expenses.

Time-saving you can save time and plan your day without rushing to the office and making breakfast, lunch. (Now I wake up at 6 AM and sleep at 10 PM, believe me, it is the best schedule for a good life ahead. I go for a walk and do skipping in the morning, still adding more things to do in my spare time.)

More flexibility & Productivity

Family WFH provides to spent more time with family in case you are not living in your hometown or parents, they are always around you. Such a blessing..!!

Fewer distractions I get proper time when I am in the office hours, no one is disrupting me.

As we belong to a village and the only disadvantage is there is a low network due to which we can’t work from there.

Some glimpse of working from mountains  

[We  can travel any time but make sure the Internet Connection must be good there too]