Thursday, 15 February 2018

Aviation HR Intern Worksheet Day 003


Aviation HR Intern  Worksheet Day 003
Air Lines Openings of Australia

1. Make Make a List of Top 5  Air Lines Openings of  New Zealand 
Make a List of Openings from  Career  

2. Make a List of Top 5  Air Lines of  NZ and Make a List of Openings
from  Career  

3. Make a List of Top 5  Air Lines of NZ and Make a List of Openings from  Career  

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Social Media Accounts

1.     Why should I have Social Media Accounts ? 

Ans. Social Media Accounts are an asset if they will be used appropriately. It will help to drive the targeted traffic for social media marketing.  It led to build the direct interaction between you and your friends and as you can read their post and status, you can change your marketing strategy as per their need. I use the social media accounts for professional and personal use. It helps me to showcase my sides in a right manner.
2.     Why my Original Pictures are required for this profile ? 
Ans. The main motto of Alfa bloggers is to employ the maximum number of women workers who have the capability and passion to work but are not working due to any circumstances or less work opportunity. And as it is difficult for people to trust easily, the original pictures are used to build the trust and to get the quick responses, as well.
3.     How is it possible to Work from Home? 
Ans. With the help of technology, people can communicate, from any part of the world. This has opened the opportunity to do the online business from home without going to the office.
4.      What after completing this Internship? 
Ans. It’s going to be a great opportunity and a new experience for me if I would get selected after completing this internship. It would be fun to work and to socialize at the same time.
5.     Why my Bio is uploaded on  ? 
Ans. My bio has been uploaded on www. to make the reader believe that I am truly linked to Alfa blogger blog and they are not using the name of people for the fake. I actually work with them.
Vaishali Garg