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Q Why does AirAviator Air Taxi services are different from Other Air Taxi services ?  What are the different features included in AirAviator Air Taxi Services ? 

Answer: AirAviator Air services are differnt form other Air Taxi services 
as We provide an array of air jet suited for different purposes and budgets. 
The entire workforce is well trained pilots and capable of handling all 
the air rental requirements. Their biggest priority is Customer Satisfaction 
and the organisation endeavor to provide  with the best in class service

The Different features inculded in AirAviator Air servies are:

1. Cheap Price Tags
2. Customer Satisfaction
3. Systematic and Professional Approach
4.  Rental services for International places and palces in India
5. Trained Workforce

 1St Air Services by all Abroad Trained Aviators Air Taxi in Asia
1St Low Cost, No Frill, Recession Proof Virtual Air Taxi in Asia
All Very Safe Abroad  Trained Pilots, Very Safe Aircrafts
90 % USA / Canada Trained Very Safe Pilots
90% Made in USA Very Safe Aircrafts
Providing unparalleled choice of Air Planes for Charter
State of the Art Blog Based Booking system App on Androit and BB
Quick Response time in providing with price quotations as well as services
Uninterrupted Business and Leisure experience byproviding with all that is needed to give a boost to your Business.
Powered by 700 Aviation Blogs

 Q What is the meaning of AeroSoft is a Technology Business Solution provider ?
 What are the stellar features included in AeroSoft Technology Business  Solution services ? 

Ans: Aerosoft is a Technology Business Solution Provider, as the organisation
provides the serives/solutions that are tailored as per its client's need
The company meets this need with its Aviation internet serives. These services include Aviation Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Aviation submission and Aviation internet marketing, Aviation Internet Advertising, Aviation portal development, Aviation website templates, Aviation link exchange services, Aviation customer online support solutions.

The stellar features included in Aerosoft Business Solution Services include
Aviation web management & development, Aviation search engine optimization [Aviation SEO ] and Aviation web marketing, Aviation eCommerce, Aviation content writing, Aviation web solutions

 Q What is AeroSoft's Extremely Interesting and Rewarding Career Opportunity for Candidates looking to make a Career in Aviation Industry as an Administrator ? What are the stellar features included in  AeroSoft services ? 

Answer: As per me AeroSoft provides a platform on which the candidates, especailly
freshers gets quite a good amount of Opportunities to learn and develop themselves. 
The company has the work culture, which is quite flexibile. Aerosoft as an apt
company for the professionals who are passionate for their work and are keen learners

 Q What is Aviation KPO ? How AeroSoft's  Team can be utilize for that ?

Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) describes the outsourcing of core 
information-related business activities which are competitively important 
or form an integral part of a company's value chain. KPO requires advanced
 analytical and technical skills as well as a high degree of specialist expertise
Reasons behind KPO include an increase in specialized knowledge and expertise, 
additional value creation, the potential for cost reductions, and a shortage of skilled labor. 
 Regions which are particularly prominent in Knowledge Process Outsourcing include India
 and Eastern Europe.
Therefore an Aviation KPO may be defined as a KPO dealing in the Aviation Industry.
An Aviation KPO provides the aviation companies the serives like marekting their product/servies
at a low cost.

Aerosoft's team could be utilised for that as it deals with the provision of services of 
Aviation Internet Marketing Aviation website templates  SEO

Q What is AeroSoft's   Powered by 700 Aviation Blogs ?
A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary.
 It is a place to express yourself to the world. A place to share 
your thoughts and your passions.

Benefits of Blogs lies in its ability to be a low cost marketing channel.
and it has avenue to build the network.
The powering of Aerosoft by 700 Aviation blogs may mean that there are
700 blogs that are being maintained by Aerosoft that markets the company,
helps in targetting the prospects and thus provide the clients with its services

 Q What is Global Aviation Recession ? How it is relevent to AirAviator's    

Recession Proof Virtual Air Taxi in Asia ?  Why does Global Aviation Recession is good for AirAviator's  USP ?
Answer : Global Aviation Recession refers to the recession when there is decreased 
deamnd of the air services globally.

 Q How should be an Ideal work culture of  AeroSoft's  for Candidates looking to make a Career in Aviation Industry as an HR ? 

Answer: As per me the ideal work culture may be it is Aviation or any other industry
should be such that the environment gives all the freedom to an HR personnel to
deal with the employees issue on his/her own, without the interference of the 
management at the initial levels. An HR professional should be engaged in the strategic
planning of the company, which may consist of the formulation of future policies in terms 
employee hiring, retention,incentives, sales of the company and the profit realted policies

Q How whould you generate Revenues for  AeroSoft  as an HR ?

Answer : The duties  An HR has to do a work with an orientation like that  of a Marketing Professional.
As the company deals with the online marketing , HR's job would involve helping the client to market their prducts / services.

Tanu Gupta  [ BPT, MBA HR ]  
Asst Manager HR