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Human Resource Management

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An organization is a combination of physical resources such as
materials, money, machines and the other essential is human resources refer to the knowledge, education, skills, training of the members of the organization. The effectiveness of an organization is based upon the judicious blending of the two resources to achieve optimum competency. ever wondered what do actual humans are called human resources? The answer is very simple, the organization is managed by the people and through the people. Without them, an organization cannot exist. These human resources have the capability to make or break the organization, depending upon their level of commitment, contribution, and cooperation.

Human resources are the assets of the company their value will be affecting the efficiency of the work so it is very important to deal with such assets. They are the ones who can produce an output larger than an input. This is possible due to the creativity of humans. Creative thinking is something which cannot be programmed or ordered to do it is a process of predicting, envisioning, and then inventing an idea, concept along innovative and alternative lines. Human resources will actually help the physical resources by getting the work done they play as a medium in order to extract the value from them.
Human resource management has been defined by a number of authors, one of them is “Human Resource Management is a series of integrated decisions that form the employment relationship, their quality contributes to the ability of the organizations and the employees to achieve their objectives. This definition was given by George T.Milkovich and John W. Boudreau. So in simple words we can that Human Resource Management is concerned with policies and practices that ensure the best use of the human resources for achieving the objectives of the organization and individual goals.

Human Resource Management varies from one organization to another there is no standard for management that it is obligated to follow. They are based on the type of the organization, size of the organization and governing philosophies. Human resource management is completely independents it purely based on the functions. The primary responsibilities include job analysis and staffing, its utilization of workforce, measurement and appraisal of performance, implementation and the reward system

Human Resource Management acts as a liaison between the top management and the employees. They should be having a proper adequate manpower inventory, which will help the organization run smoothly. There should be proper training imparted to the employees so that they can build up their morale, and be more confident in the work they do. Management should be devising benefit schemes for improving employee motivation. The quality of the work life is one the most important objective of HRM, which refers to the employee perception their physical and psychological well being at work. There should be ethical values also embedded in the workers so that organization will have a good reputation.  

A blend of human and technology is the key to success.

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By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's
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