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Recruitment by Roshni Rathod Business Analytics Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd

[Meaning, Various Types and Methods of the Recruitment]

It is a process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organisation.” He further elaborates it, terming it both negative and positive.
 Recruitment is broadly classified into two different categories − Internal Sources and External Sources.
1st internal sources of requirement 
At the time recruitment of employees, the initial consideration should be given to those employees who are currently working within the organization. This is an important source of recruitment, which provides the opportunities for the development and utilization of the existing resources within the organization.
Promotion refers to upgrading the cadre of the employees by evaluating their performance in the organization. It is the process of shifting an employee from a lower position to a higher position with more responsibilities.
Transfer refers to the process of interchanging from one job to another without any change in the rank and responsibilities. It can also be the shifting of employees from one department to another department or one location to another location, depending upon the requirement of the position.
Job Posting
Internal Advertisements is a process of posting/advertising jobs within the organization. This job posting is an open invitation to all the employees inside the organization, where they can apply for the vacant positions. It provides equal opportunities to all the employees working in the organization. Hence, the recruitment will be done from within the organization and it saves a lot of cost.
Employee Referrals
Employee referrals is an effective way of sourcing the right candidates at a low cost. It is the process of hiring new resources through the references of employees, who are currently working with the organization. In this process, the present employees can refer their friends and relatives for filling up the vacant positions.
Previous Applicants
Here, the hiring team checks the profiles of previous applicants from the organizational recruitment database. These applicants are those who have applied for jobs in the past. These resources can be easily approached and the response will be positive in most of the cases. It is also an inexpensive way of filling up the vacant positions.
 2nd external sources of requirement 
External sources of recruitment refer to hiring employees outside the organization externally. In other words, the applicants seeking job opportunities in this case are those who are external to the organization.
Direct Recruitment
Direct recruitment refers to the external source of recruitment where the recruitment of qualified candidates are done by placing a notice of vacancy on the notice board in the organization. This method of sourcing is also called as factory gate recruitment, as the blue-collar and technical workers are hired through this process.
Employment Exchanges
As per the law, for certain job vacancies, it is mandatory that the organization provides details to the employment exchange. Employment exchange is a government entity, where the details of the job seekers are stored and given to the employers for filling the vacant positions. This external recruitment is helpful in hiring for unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled workers.
Employment Agencies
Employment agencies are a good external source of recruitment. Employment agencies are run by various sectors like private, public, or government. It provides unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled resources as per the requirements of the organization. These agencies hold a database of qualified candidates and organizations can use their services at a cost.
Advertisements are the most popular and very much preferred source of external source of recruitment. The job vacancy is announced through various print and electronic media with a specific job description and specifications of the requirements. Using advertisements is the best way to source candidates in a short span and it offers an efficient way of screening the candidates’ specific requirements.
To conclude, the HR department should be flexible enough to choose between internal or external methods of recruitment, depending upon the requirement of the organization.
Three most important methods of requirement  are  as

  #Direct Methods 
  #Indirect methods
  #Third party methods
Direct methods 
In this method, the representatives of the organization are sent to the potential candidates in the educational and training institutes. They establish contacts with the candidates seeking jobs. These representatives work in cooperation with placement cells in the institutions Persons pursuing management; engineering, medical etc. programmers are mostly picked up in this manner.
  Indirect Methods
Indirect methods include advertisements in newspapers, on the radio and television, in professional journals, technical magazines and many more.
Organisation does not find suitable candidates to be promoted to fill up the higher posts
When the organisation wants to reach out to a vast territory, and
 When organisation wants to fill up scientific, profes¬sional and technical posts.
The experience suggest that the higher the position to be filled up in the organization, or the skill sought by the more sophisticated one, the more widely dispersed advertisement is likely to be used to reach to many suitable candidate.
While placing an advertisement to reach to the potential candidates, the three points need:
First, to visualize the type of the applicant one is trying to recruit
Second, to write out a list of the advantages the job will offer
Third, to decide where to run the advertisement.
  Third party methods
These include the use of private employment agencies, management consultants, professional bodies, employee referral, voluntary organization, data banks, labour contractors, to establish contact with the job seekers.

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