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Before you go ahead kindly note that we are Very Different kind of Start-Up Company  and looking for very Creative and Innovative Team who can always Think Out of the Box only. 

HR Mager at AirCrews Aviation P Ltd :

Job Title: Human Resource Manager

No.of Openings:1
Freshers  are Preferred
Education: BE + MBA [ HR ] / PGDM

Job Description:

We are Looking for a skilled HR Mager to oversee all aspects of Human Resources practices and processes.  

You will support Business needs and Ensure the proper Implementation of company strategy and Objectives.
The Goal is to Promote corporate values and Eble Business Success through human Resources Magement, 
including job Design, Recruitment, performance Magement, Training & development, Employment cycle 
changes, Talent magement, and facilities Magement services.

We are looking for a skilled HR mager to oversee all aspects of Human Resources practices and processes. You will support business needs and ensure the proper implementation of company strategy and objectives. The goal is to promote corporate values and eble business success through human resources magement, including job design, recruitment, training & development, and facilities magement services.

Bachelor degree in any discipline (Preferably in Engineering)
MBA degree
Required Skill set:
Highly enthusiastic and self-motivated to join a start-up
Ready to take challenges/initiatives
Versatile enough to work on various niches and diversified work
Excellent communication and presentation skills both verbal and written
Ability to respond effectively to the most sensitive inquiries or complaints
People oriented and results driven
Demonstrable knowledge of human resources metrics

She has to Maintain the Work structure by updating job Requirements and job Descriptions for all positions.
Maintains organization staff by establishing a Recruiting, testing, and interviewing program; Counseling magers on Candidate selection.  Prepares Employees for Assignments by establishing and conducting orientation and Training programs. 

HR Mager need to Maintains a pay plan by conducting periodic pay surveys; scheduling and conducting job evaluations; preparing pay budgets; monitoring and scheduling individual pay actions; recommending, planning, and implementing pay structure revisions. Hhave to worked in various HR Domains such as New Team Evaluation, Assessment, Online Training, Crew Recruitment, Office and Blog  Magement, Employee Appraisals and many other Domains. In Academics,  have to serve various Prestigious IITs and B-Schools including many IIMs  as a Mentor for Summer Training and other Academic Associations we have.

Job Title : Android Apps Development Manager
No.of Openings:1
Freshers / Experience are preferred
Education: BE / B Tech / MCA [ Only Freshers]

Job Description

We are looking for an Android Developer pioneer to join our team. This position offers an inspiraTIOL space to create the next innovation in mobile applications. Android developer must be very Creative and Innovative. 

Technically Sound. Should Understand the concept Android App Development and its execution.
Mage the full Technical life-cycle of Android Applications during each development phase.
Collaborate with team members to brainstorm about new products, provide each other with technical insight and review Working drafts.Document and maintain design specifications, Source code, and archives for new applications and Ideas. Android Developer should capable of making synopsis of our existing Apps.

Job Title: Marketing Manager
No.of Openings:1

Salary :Depends on Experience
Freshers/Experience are preferred
Education: MBA [ e Com / Mktg ] 

Job Description

Developing Strategies and tactics to get the word out about our Company and drive qualified traffic to our front.
Deploying Successful marketing campaigns and own their implementation from ideation to Execution
Experimenting with a variety of organic and paid Acquisition channels
Solid knowledge of website Alytics tools.
Demonstrable experience in marketing together with the Potential and Attitude required to learn.

A couple of clarifications might be very helpful in Apply :

Do you know how to write code ?
If yes, do you know Java ?
Do you know HTML/CSS/JavaScript ?
How simple is the app that you want to build ?

As far as simplicity of the App is concerned, We will assume that the app has just 2 "screens":

Screen 1, it has listing of mes of persons
Screen 2, which comes after a me is clicked and shows the details of that particular person like hobbies, skills, age, gender etc.

Job Title: Business Development Mager
No.of Openings:1
Salary :Depends on Experience
Freshers/Experience are preferred
Education: MBA

Job Description

Business Development Mager at Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd has to do

Implementation of new products on the market
Establishment and development of new Potential Customers in all Regions of India
Develop sales through e-Commerce channels
Building VTS dealers chain
Making market Alysis for sales Strategy realization
Realization of sales targets
Building brand Awareness
Holding systematic Appointments meetings with strategic clients Evaluation and control of Efficiency of business activities in the Company

General Mager HR
AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

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